Committed To Results-Driven Appellate Strategies

At Hagan, Coury & Associates, we are known as a prominent Brooklyn commercial litigation law firm with seasoned experience in a wide range of appellate matters throughout New York as well. We represent parties who seek to challenge a court decision as well as those who need to uphold decisions that have been challenged.

While appeals are closely tied to litigation, the average litigation attorney is not necessarily equipped to handle these proceedings. Success in appeals requires in-depth research and writing skills and resources devoted to uncovering technical and overlooked details that make a difference in challenging cases.

We know the ins and outs of the appellate process, where things can go wrong and what strategies yield the best chance for success in appellate courts. We have also handled cases before the Court of Appeals — New York’s highest court.

With a high volume of appellate cases under our belt, we can confidently address appeals related to numerous issues such as the following:

Personal Service And Effective Representation

When you work with our office, you will benefit from direct attention from the lawyer who handles your case. Developing collaborative relationships with our clients gives us access to more comprehensive information and allows us to more effectively weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various strategies.

We will give you a clear understanding of the appeals process, your chances of success and the costs associated with appellate proceedings. Contact us online or by telephone at 718-777-5985 (alternate phone 718-788-5052) to learn more.

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