Minimizing Losses While Striving Toward Future Success

Managing individual or business tenants can be financially rewarding, but along with that reward comes a great deal of risk as well. The condition of your property hinges on the quality of tenants and the property managers you rely on to protect your real estate investment.

Your personal, professional and financial liabilities must be closely considered to minimize losses and build a successful future in New York real estate. Make sure lease agreements for both residential and commercial real estate are thoroughly drafted and the terms are upheld with help from an experienced Brooklyn landlord and tenant law attorney at our firm.

As long-standing commercial litigation attorneys, we, at Hagan, Coury & Associates, represent real estate lessors in the drafting of commercial leases and the resolution of landlord-tenant law disputes throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

Commercial Lease Agreements

We handle a wide range of legal issues for commercial property such as office spaces, shopping centers, industrial spaces and warehouses, storage facilities, retail outlets, restaurants and other business entities that lease property from our clients.

These issues often involve unique land use and zoning issues and regulations, and we help our clients assure that any agreements drafted protect their interests and the condition of the property.

Residential Lease Agreements

Residential property landlords often struggle with very personal disputes between themselves and tenants. These disputes sometimes involve background checks, undisclosed criminal history, property damage, safety and security, and general property maintenance.

We equip our clients with the legal foundation for strong residential lease agreements, so each party entering into the lease has a clear understanding of his or her responsibilities and obligations. Then, if those terms are not met, we bring assertive and persistent representation to litigation proceedings on behalf of our clients.

Landlord-Tenant Proceedings

Hagan, Coury & Associates has been well-recognized for its successful representation of landlords in residential and commercial landlord-tenant court proceedings.

Our Reliable Team Of Lawyers

We develop lasting relationships with our clients, as many of them have ongoing legal needs as residential and commercial landlords. Our team can work closely with you to develop a strategy for preventing and resolving real estate litigation.

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