Construction Contracts And Litigation

It is important to the bottom line of any business that construction projects be completed smoothly and on a timely fashion. Delays in construction completion can be extremely costly. Shoddy completion of such projects can lead to litigation. Thus having comprehensive legal representation on your side regarding construction contract claims is invaluable.

The attorneys at Hagan, Coury & Associates, in Brooklyn, have for years represented small and large businesses in various construction matters. Our firm focuses upon the needs of the business and making certain that provisions in construction contracts are met.

Extensive Experience In The Construction Trade

Our lawyers will work directly with you. We provide the sort of strategy tailored toward the specific needs of your business. Due to our extensive experience in working with business, real estate and construction interests, we are capable of understanding the best methods for achieving your needs. We learn about the details of your day-to-day operations as well as your long-term goals. The solutions we provide are practical and realistic.

Just some of the services we provide concerning construction contracts include:

  • Investigation of all contract claims
  • Review and preparation of construction contracts, indemnity clauses and liens
  • Resolution of construction disputes through negotiation, arbitration, mediation and, if necessary, litigation
  • Representation in breach of construction contract issues
  • Handling of mechanic’s lien and foreclosure issues
  • Representation in breach of trust issue and unlicensed contractor claims
  • Resolving claims regarding monetary damages
  • Handling of defective construction claims

We will guide you through the legal process. Our knowledge of New York law, the construction industry and the litigation process is invaluable. Our guidance and experience also enable you to make informed decisions regarding your construction case.

Knowledgeable Representation Regarding Your Construction Contract Claim

To find out more what we can do for you regarding your construction matter, contact our Brooklyn law office by calling 718-777-5985. We provide representation throughout the five boroughs.

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